I've always had an interest in the media; it surrounds us and is almost impossible to avoid. Whether for information or entertainment, media shapes our lives and is a powerful tool for both good and evil. On the one hand it can offer escapism and education and on the other it can be used for propaganda.

My desire to work within the field began at school when my writing ability allowed me to undertake media studies as an optional GCSE qualification. I was instantly hooked and quickly decided to further my studies into the subject at college.

With a BTEC national diploma under my belt, and a series of relevant work experiences completed, I took the decision to diversify and move away from the traditional areas of media that had predominantly been studied to date (such as print and radio) and tackle a digital media-specific course at university.

During my three years at Canterbury Christ Church University, I discovered how to produce all manner of modern media products such as websites, commercials and animations. I also gained a far greater understanding and appreciation of the possible implications of what we produce.

Gavin Kelley-Day

After graduating in 2006 with a First Class BA Honours degree, I spent a couple of years working in retail whilst awaiting my big break.

It finally came in late 2008 when a small media company with big ideas, namely Magicalia, made me a Web Production Editor. The role involved devising, designing, building and publishing commercial content across a broad spectrum of websites.

Over the subsequent years, through acquisitions and mergers, the company has changed dramatically but the core elements of my role remain the same, even if I do now have a small team to take care of the more mundane day-to-day tasks!

Away from the day job, I do my fair share of freelance design and website building work on the side, whilst also exercising my original love of writing via a spot of sports journalism.

In my personal life I am a happily married father of one.